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Service and assurance

Guarantee support for all purchased equipment can be carried out through our Service Center, which will allow you to use a single "entry point" for calls to equipment from different manufacturers, reducing the cost of interaction with each manufacturer separately (subject to the rules of equipment operation recommended by the manufacturer).

For all questions related to the warranty service of equipment purchased in our company, as well as on the order of spare parts for laptops, please contact warranty@i-t-p.pro or at extension 600. You will get a response in a short time.

For requesting warranty reports and information on offsets of defected goods, please contact zachet@i-t-p.pro. When sending a letter, please indicate the following information:

  • Name of the client (TIN is desirable);
  • Interesting period of the report.

The response time for the request is 1 - 5 working days.
An individual approach and competent selection of equipment will allow you to save time and money.
It is very important for us that you benefit and profit from working with us.
I am confident that our service and attitude towards our clients will not leave you indifferent, which will lead to the development of long-term relationships.

Conditions of warranty service

Dear clients, please note!

The RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1) does not apply to relations for the supply of goods to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, by virtue of the following.
As indicated in the preamble of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", this law regulates the relationships that arise between consumers and manufacturers, sellers in the sale of goods, establishes the rights of consumers to purchase goods of appropriate quality that are safe for life and health.
At the same time, for the purposes of the application of this law, a consumer is a citizen who intends to order or purchase or the person who acquires or uses goods exclusively for personal, family, home and other needs not related to the performance of entrepreneurial activities.
Thus, the relationship under the contract of supply (purchase and sale), the buyer of which is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, is not regulated by the Consumer Rights Protection Act.

What should I do when a warranty event comes?

In order to return the goods which are under the warranty, first you need to determine, what type of warranty applies to the product you purchased:

1. Manufacturer warranty:
usually, this type of warranty applies to finished technical products (such as monitors, laptops, televisions, cameras, etc.). A warranty card usually comes in the package, which is filled out in when you purchase goods. Sometimes the goods are serviced not by warranty coupons, but by serial numbers. In this case, there will be no warranty card in the package, but in the user's manual you can find a list of service centers that provide warranty service for this product. If the product you purchased is under the manufacturer's warranty, the quickest and easiest way to solve problems will be to contact the company's service center. Along with the goods, you will need to provide a filled out warranty card and documents confirming the purchase. Depending on the degree of damage, your goods will be repaired, or you will be issued a report on the impossibility of repair. Having this report you will need to come to our warranty department, and you get a compensation for a defective product.
2. Warranty service is carried
out by our company.

As a rule, this type of warranty extends to computer components, as well as to computers of inhouse assembly. In order to use our warranty, you need to bring the goods to our warranty department and provide a document confirming its purchase (invoice).

Our warranty does not cover incompatibilities of the purchased equipment and the equipment of the buyer. We are responsible only for the correct operation of each of the commodity items individually. The company is not responsible for the safety of data on digital media that are subjected to repair or replacement under warranty.

We are not responsible for the quality of the joint functioning components, except when an assembled computer was purchased.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that according to the law on consumer rights protection, other regulatory acts that regulate warranty issues, the warranty does not cover:

  • damage caused by improper connection, operation of equipment in abnormal mode or in conditions not stipulated by the manufacturer, as well as caused by external circumstances (power supply spikes, natural disasters, etc.);
  • mechanical and electrothermal damage;
  • damage of the processor, motherboard, video card, etc., caused by attempts to operate in an abnormal forced mode with exceeding the nominal performance characteristics (overclocking);
  • damage of original serial numbers of the device;
  • processors damaged due to improper functioning of the cooling system;
  • falling out of the points of the LCD screen, as well as any other goods having a liquid crystal display, with no more than four points.
  • absence of functions in the product that are not provided by the Manufacturer.

In the case of contacting for a warranty service directly to the manufacturer's SC, we are not responsible for the obligations of SC (including the timing and quality of performance of obligations).

The transfer of goods in warranty service

Rules of maintenance of goods if warranty case

Dear customers!
Earnest request!

When making mandatory cover sheets to send defecting goods IT PARTNER, you MUST SPECIFY:

1. The product name and the correct article (namely the one that shipped the goods ( specified in an invoice received by you when receiving the goods) and not any hastily found in the database B2B).

2. The correct date of shipment.

3. The name of the company (the client company), which was carried out realization of the goods (on the basis of 1C).

4. Fault (defect).

For damaged goods, the warranty Department is not responsible!!!



For transmission to the service center
The name of
the organization
Part number
Product name
Serial number
Number of
Date of shipment


AICHI Partner
Cover sheet
Purchase date:
Product name
(product code):
Date of access:
(no Corr.):

Important information!

ACT-s of not-maintainability are made exactly the same as normal and faulty goods.

In case of refusal of acceptance of act for the wrong reason decorated cover sheets, the ACT is returned back to You. If, at the time of the next reception the validity of the ACT – and is already over, the firm is not responsible! (Copies of the ACT-s and ACT-s whitout blue (color) ASC seals and signatures of responsible persons – VALID!!!

Each label is embedded inside the relevant box (packaging) of the goods.
If the cover sheet is INCORRECT, but the owner of the goods set possible, all the goods without receiving and fixing the database back.

Just do not forget the products of such producers (firms) as SVEN, DEFENDER,MYSTERY, SUPRA, TP-LINK, etc. (i.e. all manufacturers operating instructions which are in the section of configuration set warranty card) to send with warranty card. Without them to be sent to the ASC for repair – it is IMPOSSIBLE. The goods will be returned back to You.

Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cooktops, etc. are served by AT HOME. Issued request for repair through the official website of the manufacturer (via tech Support). If You have questions in this area, you can ask for warranty@i-t-p.pro.

The rest of the goods maintained in the ASC, you must send in ASTs (on the website of the manufacturer of an item purchased always have all the list of services and a list of cities that have authorized STS).

For the goods which is in ASTs, but sent to the IT PARTNER, the firm is not responsible for the delivery to STS and the duration of the repair. Our company provides only TRANSPORTATION SERVICES.

To send in repairs of PRINTERS AND MFPs to put them together with serviceable cartridges. For printers and MFP of the firm KYOSERA – needed original cartridges. For goods manufacturers SAMSUNG and BOSCH major appliances – BINDING data of the client( buyer) and filled warranty card with the product (cash) a cheque.

Please note that the warranty does not cover consumables for printers and MFPs - namely, drums, chips for cartridges, rubber bushings and pick-up rollers, all kinds of gear.


Product simply handed over to our driver without the accompanying sheets, will be returned back to You. If you define "owner" of the goods impossible, then the product is recycled.

If mechanical damage of the goods:

Goods with mechanical damages ( if it has not been returned upon receipt back from the driver) is made through a claim on the basis of B2B via Your Manager the company's IT PARTNER. This certainly sent the photos of the exterior of the packaging and item description of the defect ( damage) to mail to your Manager in the company's IT PARTNER for warranty and mail warranty@i-t-p.pro. While the deadline for submitting claims for mechanical damage FIVE days of receipt of goods on hand.

Sincerely, warranty Department IT PARTNER!

Please check the filled fields.
Your message sent.
After clicking "Send" data in electronic form will be transferred to mail warranty@i-t-p.pro and Your e-mail specified in the contacts list of marriage. All completed forms will be sent by email in a printable form.