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New partner. The company CROWN MICRO

Date 16.02.2018
The CROWN MICRO company was shown in the USA in 1992 and specializes in production of the computer case and power supply units.
            Thanks to Grammy management, product development and stably financiers, the Company has reached the international level. At the moment, corona micro products are sold in more than 49 countries. In addition to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the offices of the company located in UAE, China, Pakistan, Kuwait, gun, care, UK, Germany, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, etc.

            The active range includes more than 1000 Nina products.
Available under the brand crown micro :
• Tr Computer
• Computer mouse
• Computer Garters
• System for cooling the CPU
• Gaming computer accessories
• Laptop accessories
• Speaker system 2.0 and 2.1
• Accessories for mobile devices
• Sole panels
The company CROWN MICRO has its own fabric in China for the production of such products as:

• Computer case
• Power supply
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• Inventor
• Helmet swine battery
• Somehow cartridge for black and white and wet laser printers

The entire range of products is subject to St quality control that guarantees a minimum percentage of marriage. All our products have the necessary certificates of international and local (sales country) standard.
At the same time, thanks to the use of new technological processes and the demand for materials, simultaneous price levels are achieved.

Search and development of new models of production provides availability of interesting and the range agrees.

The products of the Company crown micro-Western in the market and favorably against competitors like the vast consumer and price.

When Raven CEN segment, and often above, our concurrent can not compete with us in terms of Shark range. At the same time, stable financing allows our company to participate in the retail snail project (God Stable supply in large volumes), as well as the development and supply of exclusive models of products.

Develop and succeed together whit IT Partner and CROWN MICRO!

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